We exist to leverage technology to bring reform, efficiency, and innovation to the private and public domestic adoption arena.

Imagine better.

Infant Adoption

Online technology for private adoption in the U.S.


Foster Care + Adoption

Matching technology for foster care and adoption



We offer three main programs: advocacy and adoption awareness campaigns, an online network for private domestic adoption, and an online matching tool for state case workers to use in matching foster care children with the best families.

The need for Family-Match hit home for me when I was at a recent event where our children who are freed for adoption were bring showcased on an online platform. I thought of the Family-Match concept: to have the prospective families be in a data repository you could search for rather than relying on families to search for children. truly, a light bulb moment!

Child Welfare Worker

When we started out on our adoption journey, we hoped for the best but prepared for the worst. So you can imagine our excitement when we were matched with a birth-mother from California in just a few months of networking on Adoption-Share. Our baby girl is now 12 months old and we are so grateful to Adoption-Share for connecting us with the licensed agency that made our dreams come true!

The Ellis Family

Other people grow up with people to call their own. I finally know how that feels.

Crystall Anne

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