We’re dreaming big and want you to come along with us! Our goal is for Adoption-Share’s revolutionary Family-Match technology to help children achieve belonging through family. Of the over 113,000 children with a goal of adoption, approximately 30,000 are children with no family identified to adopt them. While children wait to be adopted, families are waiting to adopt. In fact, today we may have more hopeful adoptive parents than children waiting to be adopted. The issue is connection- and we are eager to deploy our Family-Match Technology to help case workers make a connection for youth in care in need of permanent, safe, and loving families. To make this dream a reality, we need help from committed friends like you. For just $30 per month (about $1 per day), you can give Adoption-Share the stability to grow across the United States!

Your contribution is so special to us that we want to ensure you have something special to remind you of the positive change you’re creating. When you partner as a monthly recurring donor, you’ll get to choose an exclusive pair of Adoption-Share socks! These cute little reminders will warm your soles and soul as you remember all the kids whose lives you are transforming and the forever families that you are helping create with your generosity. Thank you!

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The Current Need

Over 113,000 children in the United State’s foster care system have a goal of adoption. Each year 50% of these children will be adopted, leaving 60,000+ to wait year after year without achieving that goal.

Helping children achieve permanency through adoption is vital for achieving best outcomes. Sadly for children with a goal of adoption and no identified family to adopt them, the clock is ticking to be adopted before they age out of care. Nationally, an estimated 20,000 young adults will age out of care each year -leaving them vulnerable to being trafficked, incarcerated, or becoming homeless.

Families make all the difference. It’s our goal to ensure every child who dreams of being adopted achieves that goal and have partnered with Adoption-Share to help expand their Family-Match application to new states.

The Future of Adoption with Family-Match

Family-Match is a data driven technology that helps workers make decisions on connecting waiting children with waiting families. With Family-Match, social workers now have a tool to efficiently assess the most compatible families for their waiting children – even leveraging the technology to recruit families just starting their journey to be approved to adopt. The science behind the matching models promotes child and family pairings that will yield the greatest chance of success. Adoption-Share’s transformative work in this space has been recognized globally.