Who We Are

We are relentless dreamers, humble doers, and daring innovators, passionately dedicated to developing solutions to remove the barriers that keep families from adopting and children from stable homes and bright futures.

We began with the belief that when the right tools are employed, comprehensive and systemic reform is achievable in the child welfare arena. We have devoted our time, talents and expertise to transform the private and public adoption processes through applied science and technology. We exists to propel the heroes on the front lines of the adoption process forward with the most cutting edge tools available.

Adoption-Share is a 501c3 organization that exists to leverage technology to bring efficiency, innovation, and reform to the private and public adoption process and to raise awareness about adoption in the United States.

Our Story

Adoption-Share was founded by an adoption social worker whose experience working in the private adoption arena revealed a system devoid of efficiency, transparency and in need of reform. Initially created as a disruptive web based tool for the private adoption process, Adoption-Share allowed home study approved families for the first time, to network with licensed adoption agencies and adoption attorneys from all over the United States. By expanding the adoptive parent's network of placement agencies, families with a valid home study began achieving matches and subsequent adoptions within six months of their home study being completed. Adoption-Share decreased the average wait for many adoptive parents by 18 months while simultaneously empowering prospective adoptive parents with decision making abilities for the first time in the history of private adoption.

Adoption-Share has earned national acclaim and recognition for our programs from media platforms that include Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, The Washington Times, and Parents Magazine. Our advocacy work in the adoption community expanded our mission in 2013 to include raising awareness about adoption. After our invitation to ring the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange in 2013, we realized a public vacuum existed for people impacted by adoption to share their stories. Adoption is Beautiful was launched as a vehicle to capture and share honest stories about adoption.

Most recently, Adoption-Share has applied its problem solving skills to radically increase placement stability for children in foster care- a key factor in removing the pipeline that connects foster kids to prison cells, the streets, gangs, and human trafficking. Family-Match is a tool that utilizes data analytics and predictive models to help child service workers make the best placement decisions for children in foster care.

Adoption-Share began as a solution to help prospective adoptive parents adopt faster and with greater transparency by sharing information. Today, Adoption-Share has become an innovative, problem solving organization that brings cutting edge solutions that help build stronger families and enhance the welfare of children.

Our Mission

Adoption-Share exists to leverage technology to bring efficiency, innovation, and reform to the private and public adoption process and to raise awareness about adoption in the United States.

Who We Serve

If you are considering adoption and are interested in knowing more about it in a confidential, non-obligatory forum, we encourage you to join Adoption-Share today. As a member, you can gather adoption information without any formal commitment. For a more in-depth inquiry, you may choose to connect with a licensed adoption agency for assistance in your state.


Private Adoption

In private infant adoption, one truth bears repeating: network makes the dream work. Adoption-Share achieves matches and placements for adoptive parents faster by offering a network of licensed adoption agencies and adoption attorneys from all over the United States. Create a profile today and join the hundreds of other families who are using Adoption-Share to adopt!

Adopting Through Foster Care:

This free resource is open to licensed foster and home study approved families interested in fostering or adopting from their local child welfare agency. Create a profile and complete a compatibility assessment to be identified as a compatible match for a child needing a foster or adoptive home. Find out if Family-Match is available in your state.


We equip child placing agencies with innovative technology and creative solutions for tackling one of the greatest challenges child welfare professionals face: stability for children in foster care. Today, two thirds of children entering into foster care for the first time will experience three or more moves within their first 12 months in care. Advancements in neuroscience reveal the negative effects that frequent placement disruption have on a child's neurobiological development, particularly in the areas of emotional regulation and self control. Underdevelopment in these areas of the brain increase the likelihood a child will develop negative behaviors or end up in prison, homeless, and or a victim of human trafficking.

Family-Match, a program of Adoption-Share, is the only system that applies the utilization of data science, combined with a user friendly technological interface, to identify the individual attributes of the child and family that contribute to either the disruption or success of a foster or adoptive placement. We live in a society where technology matches persons in dating relationships, knows what shows we want to watch, and tells us products that best fit our lifestyle. Adoption-Share believes child welfare is a field that has the most to gain through leveraging the power of data science and predictive models to identify the most compatible families for children in foster care. Click here to learn more.