What We Do

Adoption-Share exists to leverage technology to bring efficiency, innovation, and reform to the private and public adoption process and to raise awareness about adoption in the United States.

Infant Adoption

Network Makes the Dream Work

Adoption-Share is pleased to provide the first online network designed exclusively for home study approved adoptive parents, expectant parents, licensed adoption agencies and adoption attorneys. Our tool is designed for those who are tired of dead-ends in their adoption journey and want a way to connect without the roadblocks, hurdles, and delays.

Technology has profoundly changed the adoption process and it is time to put away the old model. The key to a successful adoption journey today for hopeful adoptive families, expectant parents, and licensed adoption agencies is in this simple statement: It's all in the network!

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Advocacy + Awareness

Adoption is Beautiful is a national movement to ignite a new, positive, and informative conversation about adoption in the United States. Stories move us in powerful ways and this campaign gives those impacted by adoption a platform to share their story.

Life brings beauty in many ways and sometimes, the most difficult or challenging circumstances produce awe inspiring beauty. The beauty in adoption can be this way; a beauty that is profoundly deep, unique, and complex. The beauty in adoption must be shared and Adoption Is Beautiful is our campaign to share this beauty.

We invite you to read the moving stories or share yours!

Learn more by visiting AdoptionIsBeautiful.org

Foster Care + Adoption

Family-Match is a platform of Adoption-Share that uses data analytics and predictive models to help child caseworkers makes the best placement decisions for children in foster care. Compatibility matching in foster care will lead to more stable placements, a key factor in eliminating the pipeline that connects children in foster care to prison cells, homeless shelters, and as victims of sex trafficking.

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